The Treatment Of Women For Addiction

Columbia University released a report that showed women more likely than males to experience dependency, while the reasons they give for drug use is different. Women are also more likely to suffer from guilt and shame when it comes to substance abuse, according the Columbia University study.

Substance abuse among women

Findings revealed that the reasons women gave for abusing substances were social, psychological, and emotional. Depressive disorders, loneliness or a low sense of self-worth, along with a lack support and an absence of family and friends, all played a role. In the study it was found that women preferred Oxycontin/Vicodin along with Marijuana/Heroin, Ecstasy/Cocaine, and Heroin/Ecstasy.If you’re looking for drug rehab, please visit the best drug rehab centers near me for more information.

Women’s alcoholism was also common in this study. In terms of the impact on women, there are huge differences. Women, for example are more likely to be addicted to drugs and alcohol earlier in life than men. Women have more severe symptoms and experience greater mental health problems as a result of their drug abuse.

Treatment Options Available for Women

A woman’s ability to obtain treatment for drug and alcohol dependency is limited by her family commitments as well as social and cultural norms. Women tend to wait longer to get help, especially if they have kids. It is most often because women fear losing their kids that they delay seeking treatment for alcohol or drug addiction.

Majority of the women-specific addiction treatment centers share that they believe women from families who were affected by drug and/or alcohol abuse are at a higher risk for addiction. Most addiction treatment centers for women share the belief that a woman’s spouse or partner is responsible for introducing her to drugs and alcohol.

Addiction treatment for women uses counseling techniques that focus on the person’s history, especially on those events that are likely to have caused the addiction. These sessions can include couple and individual counseling, especially when alcohol or drugs are prevalent in the relationship.

Get Help Now

You may need to detoxify in order to take control back of your life. Medical detox is a process that removes toxic chemicals which are a result from drug and alcohol use. This may take several days or even a couple of weeks, depending on how much substance was abused. If you are still struggling with alcohol or drug abuse, you can enroll in rehab programs that help. Twelve step and non 12 Step programs provide inpatient or day treatment options.

A program for outpatients may be more suitable to you if, like many other women, you cannot take time away from your children. All options should be considered. It may be worth it to enroll in an inpatient rehabilitation program to help you remain sober. This will benefit you as well as your children.

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