How do professional hardwood floor installers work?

Hardwood flooring installed correctly will transform your home’s or office’s appearance. No matter what style you want, hardwood floors are the way to go. Hardwood flooring installation is not difficult, but you should do it correctly from the start. It is for this reason that you need to hire a professional in hardwood flooring installation Bothell WA. Here’s a quick look at what professional hardwood floor installers do. You can get the best guide about flooring bothell in this site.

Professional installers will season new wood. Exposing the hardwood to air is what this does. As the wood adapts its environment, it will shrink and lose air. The seasoning must take place before the installation. The expert installers will also level out the wood as the wood adapts to the environment.

Prepare the room/area: The installer will tell you how to do this. The steps may involve moving the furniture out of the room and making sure the humidity is between 45-65 percent. For your new flooring, it will be necessary to temporarily remove the baseboards & molding.

You must remove your old floors to accommodate the new hardwood floor. The expert installer can advise whether you should install over the top or remove it and then replace. When removal is the best option, your expert installer will guide you on when to remove and dispose of old floors.

Your installer will prep the subfloor if you are removing your old hardwood floor.

Measure your door clearance: A professional hardwood installer will check the separation of doors from new flooring. They may need to be temporarily removed and possibly cropped in some instances to allow for the new flooring.

Your flooring expert will clean up the area after your installation.

It is important to remember that hardwood flooring can transform a room. Find a contractor or hardwood installer who has experience installing these floors.